Job Posting Policies

Each individual job listing must represent an actual paid job, 15 hours a week or more. Jobs less than 15 hours a week, Internships, Fellowships, and temporary and short-term gigs are expressly forbidden from being posted in the full-time jobs section.

No General Job Listings. Each advertisement must be for a specific job. General job listings are explicitly prohibited.

One position per Listing. Multiple jobs need to be posted in multiple job postings.

One location per Listing. Jobs in multiple locations need to be posted in multiple job postings.

No advertisements for career websites or services. Advertisements for job or career websites, career fairs, or advertisements for career services are expressly forbidden.

Recruiters / Staffing Firms / Placement Firms / Search Advisors / Consultants. Recruiters, Staffing Firms, Placement Firms, Search Advisors and Consultants must post jobs in the Recruiter's account. Jobs posted in the Recruiter's account provide notice to Candidates that resumes are sent to and reviewed by a Third Party. Employers who utilize the services of a recruiter, staffing firm, placement firm, search advisor or consultant, where the Third Party is in receipt of any resumes, or reviews any candidates, or receives any payment, should instruct the recruiter, staffing firm, placement firms, search advisor or consultant to open a Recruiter Account and post the job in the Recruiter's Account. Employers who post jobs on behalf of a recruiter, staffing firm, placement firm, search advisor or consultant are in direct violation of our Terms of Service.

Each job may be posted and removed one time only.

Anesthesiologists, CRNAs, AAs, and Techs - General Site Usage Policies

Customarily employers are organizations actively involved in finding and hiring Anesthesiologists, CRNAs , AAs, and Techs. Recruitment agencies, Consultants, and others may post jobs on behalf of organizations.

No job advertisement or job seeker resume shall contain any mention of pornography, drugs, or arms and shall not contain any explicit material that does not comply with the laws of the United States. reserves the rights to refuse, edit or remove any job, resume, job seeker account, or employer account or any other member account for any purpose, including for purposes of space, content, misuse or abuse of this service.

Resumes and job postings that solicit or advertise business products or services will be removed without notification. reserves the right to edit or delete any job listing, resume or account and to ban any member without warning or notice.

Job Seekers, Employers, Recruiters, Staffing Firms, Placement Firms and Consultants are required to register with our service using real contact information, including first name, last name and organization name. does not allow employers to post jobs if the job seeker is required to register with a third party service in order to apply to the job. Requiring job seekers to register with a third party is perceived by members as an endorsement of a service which may not be endorsed by Employers that post advertisements which fail this requirement will have the job(s) edited or removed. does not allow employers to post jobs if a reasonable person might construe that tacitly or explicitly supports or endorses a specific candidate running for public office. The appearance of an endorsement of a specific candidate running for public office disqualifies a job from being posted on encourages employers to abide by the industry standard when posting a job and salary range. 

If mis-use or abuse of is determined by the administrator, server log, resume or job posting, reserves the right to block violators from using this site without prior notification.

Questions concerning our policies may be addressed to our office.

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